On Thursday 27th January, the conference day was held at ACMI (see the Venues page for details of the location). Conference entry was through application only .

MC – Christy Dena (Melb, Aus), Director, Universe Creation 101


Principles at Play – Tassos Stevens (UK), Co-Director of Coney

When anything can be made to happen then why would we choose to play? A brief history and science of Coney – and a discursion of the principles that make it tick – that may dissect just what makes meaningful play by for and with people.



Conceiving Transmedia Franchises – Flint Dille (USA), Co-Owner Bureau of Film & Games

True Transmedia is the ability to share a world and tell endless stories across mediums: movies, television, books, games, songs and on and on forever. What does your franchise need to have to find an audience, hook them and grow?  What are the rules of each different medium?



Experience Designer: The Next-Generation Film Director? – Steve Peters (USA), Co-Founder No Mimes Media

Steve Peters looks at the role of transmedia experience designer and its similarities with that of the current-day film director. From pacing and setting the scenes to story delivery and interaction, the experience designer works with the writers, producers, programmers and artists to make the project come alive as an entertaining and engaging experience. With today’s changing technology, is the film director of today going to become the experience designer of tomorrow?


Just because everything is different does not mean anything is changed – Michel Reilhac (France), Executive Director of Arte France Cinema and Director of Film Acquisitions for ARTE France.

Transmedia is about storytelling and experience design as a new artform. It is not a technique , it is a creative approach, potentially using the whole array of technologies and crafts available today by inventing new interfaces and interactions among them. It challenges us to look beyond the traditional practices and definitions of our jobs in a much wider encompassing approach for tv, cinema, visual arts, performing arts… and explore uninhibited hybrid ways of transcending reality, which is what truly art and entertainment are all about. Transmedia is a way of mind.


Lessons Learned – Best Practices in Collaboration, Quality and Business Andra Sheffer, (Canada), Executive Director of the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund

The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund in Canada has financed over 500 transmedia projects in the past 13 years and has discovered many tips for cross-platform (tv/digital media) success as well as how to overcome some of the evolving creative and business challenges.



What works: Case Study into what multiplatform projects have worked for ABCStephanie Salter (Melb, Aus), ABC



The Business of Transmedia: Behind the Scenes of a Multiplatform Production CompanyKerrin McNeill (QLD, Aus), Hoodlum

For 10 years Hoodlum has been producing original and branded multiplatform entertainment for a global audience. In this talk Kerrin McNeill shares the ins and outs of running multiplatform productions, from concept development through go live. Topics covered include; working within different sectors of the industry, keeping up with a changing audience, the role of technology, and emerging business models.



Herding Cats – a survivors guide to producing transmedia work – Sue Maslin (Vic, Aus), Producer, Art Film Media

Why are so few content creators of traditional media embracing the transmedia landscape? This session  aims to interrogate the different  working methodologies, business models, scheduling, budgeting, fee expectations, creative challenges, communication processes, content management systems – and look at ways to improve the dialogue between traditional and digital native practitioners.


Best Practices in Customer-Driven Processes and Business Models – Mick Liubinskas (Syd, Aus), Co-Founder Pollenizer

Mick Liubinskas co-founded Pollenizer, and heads up the business and marketing team. He works with startup web businesses, bringing together customers, technology and business to make internet and mobile products.



Angels & Digital Media – A brief look at who are the Angel investors, how they invest and why they are interested in Transmedia opportunities. – Jordan Green (Vic, Aus), co-founder and Deputy Chairman of the Australian Association of Angel Investors founder & leader of Angel investor group, Melbourne Angels Inc

Angel investors are a particular class of private investors, typically successful entrepreneurs, who invest their money and their time in early stage companies that promise rapid value growth and a trade sale exit within five years. Knowing the expectations and professional processes of Angels is a key requirement to securing investment for Transmedia ventures. Understanding the Angels’ concept of value helps entrepreneurs craft Transmedia ventures to be commercially valuable.


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