Who’s Coming

Transmedia Victoria enables artists from a variety of sectors to come together and share their experiences in working across artforms. The diversity of artistic sectors involved provides an unprecedented opportunity for cross-fertilisation and forging new partnerships. There will also be decision-makers in the room, to ensure that everyone is on the same page.


Abigail Moncrieff, Curator, Experimenta Media Arts
Adam Foster, Screenwriter, Wicked of Oz
Alan Gibb, Technology Industries, Multimedia Victoria
Alex Alexander, Owner/Producer, Alphalpha
Amanda Duthie, Head of Arts and Entertainment, ABC
Amanda Keeling, Freelancer
Ana Kokkinos, Writer/Director, Zizani Films
Andra Sheffer, Executive Director, Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund
Andrew Hiskens, Learning Services Manager, State Library of Victoria


Andrew EkinSmyth, New Media Manager, Arts Victoria
Andy Freer, Artistic Director, Snuff Puppets
Ann Moir, General Manager, Australian Art Orchestra
Anna Jackson, Writer, PhD candidate, University of Melbourne
Annie Le Cavalier, Executive Director, Vibewire Youth Inc.
Antony Reed, CEO, GDAA
Asphyxia, Puppeteer
Atalanti Dionysus, Filmmaker, AFTRS
Atlanta Treloar, Independent Producer and Content Creator
Beatrix Coles, Script Development Coordinator, Film Victoria
Ben McEwing, Producer/Director, Story Lab Productions
Benjamin Murphy, Digital Designer, OMG Creative
Bo Svoronos, Chairman, Well
Brad Giblin, Digital Media Manager, Film Victoria


Cameron Rogers, Writer
Carl Nilsson-Polias, Artistic Associate, The Hayloft Project
Caroline Farmer, Senior Program Manager, Arts Victoria
Cassie O’Brien, Press Play Creations
Cath Pope, Managing Editor, Citysearch
Catherine Gough-Brady, Director/Producer, Snodger Media
Cathy Horsley, Producer, Small Change Theatre
Charlotte Seymour, Development Manager, Screen Australia
Chris Kohn, Artistic Director, Arena Theatre Company
Christabel Harvey, Program Manager, Arts Development Arts Victoria
Christian McCrea, Curator / Lecturer, Game Arts Australia / RMIT
Christian Leavesley, Artistic Associate, Arena Theatre Company
Christy Dena, Director, Universe Creation 101
Clare Jaeger, Development Manager, Screen Australia
Clare Needham, Exhibition Program & Education Manager, Experimenta Media Arts
Clark Randerson, Principal, Mnemonic Audio
Daniel Donahoo, Director/Producer, Project Synthesis
Danielle Uhlmann, Policy Officer, Arts Victoria


Danny Stefanic, Founder & CEO, Exit Reality
David Blumenstein, Writer/Animator, Nakedfella Productions
David Surman, Artist/Designer/Senior Lecturer, Pachinko Pictures
David Glen, Executive Producer, ABC TV Children’s Multiplatform
David Nixon, intermediaNT
David Wolf, Software Developer, Someones Media Group
Deb Cuthbertson, Editor, Arts Gateway, ABC
Debbie Kiper, Senior Manager, Arts Victoria
Debra Allanson, President/Managing Director, AIMIA/Ish Media
Debra Jefferies, General Manager, Market and Community Development, Arts Victoria
Dermot McGuire, Geek in Residence, Shopfront Contemporary Arts and Performance
Dr Richard James Allen, Director, Dancer, Writer, The Physical TV Company
Dr Vincent O’Donnell, Arts Alive
Dr. Lisa Dethridge, Senior Lecturer, RMIT School of Media and Communication
Emma Beddows, PhD candidate, Swinburne University
Eve Penford-Dennis, Co-Director, Freeplay Inc
Evelyn Saunders, Writer/Producer/Researcher
Fee Plumley, Digital Program Officer, Australia Council for the Arts


Flint Dille, Partner, Bureau of Film and Games
Freya Waterson, Associate Producer, Insite Arts
George Dunford, Writer, Wheeler Centre
Georgia Laughton, Photographer, Logic Bunny Studios
Gillian Morrison, Curiosity Cabinet
Giselle Rosman, IGDA Melbourne
Glenn Shea, Game Designer/Actor, The Storyteller
Gorkem Acaroglu, Director/Writer/Dramaturge, Melbourne Workers’ Theatre
Greg Mclean ,Director/Exec Producer/Producer/Writer, Emu Creek Pictures
Gus (Damien) Howard, Producer, Sunyata
Hamish Curry, Education & Onsite Learning Manager, State Library of Victoria
Hugh Davies, Researcher/Artist, Monash University
Ian Woodcock, Urban Design & Architecture, University of Melbourne
Ian Gouldstone, Animation Director, Pachinko Pictures
Indra Kurzeme, Online Learning Manager, State Library of Victoria
James Grant Hay, Founder, CEO Pixel8
Janine Cahill, Futurist CEO and Innovation Designer, Future Journeys
Jennifer Hughes, Wired Ear Productions
Jennifer Wilson, Company Director, The Project Factory


Jo Wellington, Producer, Guernica Productions
Jo McNulty, Foxtel
Joe Medancic, Game Developer, Matchy Games
Joel Tipping, Audio Engineer, Mnemonic Audio
John Sietsma, Game Developer, Tall Games


John Hipwell, Media Producer, Hipwell International Production Services
John Paul Fischbach, Artistic Director/Producer, Auspicious Arts Incubator
Johnny Blank, Director/Creative Director, Johnny Blank/Agent Blank
Jonathan Roper, Director, Briarbird & Co
Jordan Green, Co-Founder, Australian Association of Angel Investors
Jude Anderson, Artistic Director/Producer, Punctum Inc.
Judith Bennett, Business Advisor, Creative Industries Innovation Centre
Julian Rickert, Artistic Director, one step at a time like this
Julie Eckersley, Producer Intern, Matchbox Pictures
Justin Stanford, Adams Kearney
Justin Pradier, Developer, Chromecide
Kamina Vincent
Karen Pearlman, Head of Screen Studies, AFTRS
Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy, triage live art collective
Katherine Phelps, Glass Wings


Katherine Walsh, Australian Poetry Centre
Kathryn Gray Program Officer, Inter-Arts Office, Australia Council for the Arts
Katrina Mathers, Director, The Lampshade Collective
Kaye Blum, Writer/Researcher
Kelly Gardiner, Web Services Manager, State Library of Victoria
Kerrin McNeil, Commercial Director, Hoodlum
Kevin du Preez, Project Manager, Arts Organisations, Australia Council for the Arts
Kylie Robertson, Partner & Creative Director, Ish Media
Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart, Creative Director


Leanne Tonkes, Producer, mini studios
Lester Francois, Editor/Cameraman/Producer/Director, Pumskin Films
Lindsay Lipson, Investment & Programs Manager, Film Victoria
Lisa Fletcher, Exhibition Designer, Public Record Office Victoria
Lisa Gye, Academic/Writer, Swinburne University
Lisa Dempster, Director, Emerging Writers’ Festival


Liz Burke, Producer, Liz Burke Media
Luci Temple, Temple Films
Margaret Dobson, Arts Officer, Arts Victoria
Maria Canela Maldonado, Visual Artist, Victorian College of the Arts (VCA)
Marika Webb-Pullman, Marketing Manager, Scribe Publications
Matthew Gardiner, Director, Airstrip
Matthew Hall, Game Developer, KlickTock Pty Ltd
Megan Gathercole, Managing Director, Long Feng Film International
Mel Flanagan, Producer/Writer/Researcher, Nook Studios
Melody Ayres-Griffiths, Director, Moot Point Productions, C31
Meredith Tucker-Evans, Communications and Marketing Coordinator, Emerging Writers’ Festival
Michael Parry, Head of Technology, ACMI


Michel Reilhac, Executive Director/Director, Arte France Cinema/Film Acquisitions
Michelle Cotterill, Multiplatform Producer, Creative Luminance
Mick Liubinskas, Co-Founder, Pollenizer
Mike Cowap, Development Manager, Feature and Innovation, Screen Australia
Moran Paldi, Founder/Game Developer, Katanco
Morgan Newall, Principal/Masters student, The Reelists/AFTRS
Natascha Boehm
Nathan Anderson, Transmedia Producer, Envelop Entertainment
Nicholas Hansen, Director/Producer, Mutiny Media
Nicolas Wilson, Director/Editor/Designer, NicWilsonDigital/Immersive
Nicole Goodfellow, Transmedia Developer, Zimzala Studios
Otto Ottinger, Sensis
Pamela Alison Meagher, Writer, Pam’s Multimedia
Patrick Kelly, Director/Writer/Editor/Researcher, Freelance/RMIT
Paul Baiguerra, Head of Content, PABA Media
Paul Callaghan, Co-Director, Freeplay Inc


Paul Davis, Marketing and Communications Manager, Next Wave Festival
Paula Dowse, Interpreter
Peter Lesley, Writer
Rachel Nagy, Copywriter
Rohini Sharma, Arts Victoria
Rita Cavanagh, Executive Producer/Partner, Zimzala Studios
Robyn Jay, Learning Designer, Independent
Roger Alsop, Music Production/Lecturer, Roger Alsop Musical Services
Ros Tatarka, Producer, CreatEve Pty Ltd
Sandra Pires, Producer, Why Documentaries
Sara Cousins, Digital Producer, ACMI
Sean O’Bryne, Manager – Digital Economy, KPMG
Seph McKenna, Roadshow Films
Shelley Matulick, Mixin Pixels
Simon Goodrich, Managing Director Portable TV
Simon Britton, Editor, Media Wave
Sinisa Vrebac, Actor/Writer, Independent
Stephanie Brotchie, Producer/Co-Director, Slow Clap Productions


Stephanie Salter, Executive Producer, ABC TV Multiplatform
Steve Kearney, Producer/Writer/Director, Adams Kearney
Steve Peters, Senior Designer/Co-Founder, Fourth Wall Studios, No Mimes Media
Steve Spangaro, Principal, Big Pipe Media
Steve Warne, Factual Manager, Film Victoria
Steven Mitchell Wright, Artistic Director, The Danger Ensemble
Sue Maslin, Producer, Film Art Media
Suzanne Kersten, Co-Artistic Director, one step at a time like this
Tamsin Wagner, Digital Publishing Co-ordinator, Scribe Publications
Tarni James, Executive Producer, ABC Arts and Entertainment
Tassos Stevens, Co-Director, Agency of Coney
Thea Baumann, Executive Producer/Media Artist, Aphids
Tom Apperley, Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
Tom Doig, Writer/Producer/Performer, Shonkytown
Tony Grybowski, Executive Director, Arts Organisations, Australia Council for the Arts
Tony Sweeney, Director, ACMI
Trent Kusters, Game Designer, Torus Games
Troy Innocent, Media Artist, Iconica


Verity Danbold, Freelance Dancer & Theatre Facilitator
Veronica Sive, Content Producer, Emergint
William Head, Producer/Director, Yay Tractor
Willoh S.Weiland, Artistic Director, Aphids
Zaana Howard, Phd Candidate, Swinburne University


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