On Friday 28th January, the following special workshops will be held at the State Library of Victoria (see the Venue page for details of the location). The workshops are limited to 20 people per session, and will run sequentially (so you can potentially participate in all). There are also experts available for one-on-one meetings. Like the conference, entry is through application only.

Conceiving Transmedia Projects – Flint Dille

What does the ‘world’ you create need to be a true Transmedia Franchise that can live and grow from medium to medium, iteration to iteration and generation to generation? In this workshop we go through the whole process of developing transmedia IP.



Bootcamp Business Plan: Get ready to launch a web business in 1.5 hours – Mick Luibinskas [Note: this session runs at the same time as Tassos Steven’s Play workshop]

We will take a single business idea and apply the Pollenizer process to plan what to do next. The process is practical and shows participants how to move an idea from napkin to reality in the shortest time.




Developing Transmedia Projects – Steve Peters

Much like a film, a transmedia project is a series of scenes, or shots. But unlike a film, these scenes can take place on just about any platform: video/film, audio, websites, emails, mobile phones, text messages and more. Come to the workshop prepared with a current or future project, and time will be spent brainstorming ideas about how best to organically and effectively deliver specific story content via multiple platforms. We’ll discuss the challenges and pitfalls of distributing narrative across different media, and how to avoid common problems.




Adventure with Whatever Comes to Hand – Tassos Stevens [Note: this session runs at the same time as Phil Morle’s Bootcamp workshop]

Here you are in a library in Melbourne. An adventure starts here and now. What’s the reconnaissance needed to discover what we can make happen? A workshop exploring the how and why of playful adventure, and the wider implications for making all kinds of play.



See the speakers page for more information about these experts

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