New sponsor: ABC, background posts, vids, & application waves


Hello everyone!

Things are crunching along here. We’re very pleased to announce another sponsor: ABC Television! Wohoo! We’re very happy to have a broadcaster, and especially the ABC on board as a sponsor of this event.

Fee Plumley, who runs the Digital Program at the Australia Council for the Arts has written a great post about how Transmedia Victoria came about. Christy Dena, the curator and co-organiser of Transmedia Victoria has written a bit about the background strategy behind the event. Eve Penford-Dennis, the project manager of the event has announced it at Freeplay.

We really want to help you all get together and work as a community. So, we’re starting to share videos of other transmedia folk who won’t be presenting at the event too. The first short video is of writer and producer Josephine Emery, who shares her reason for jumping into transmedia and shares some lessons learned so far.

Applications are coming in thick and fast from a variety of artistic sectors: theatre, gaming, digital, TV, film & literature. But it would help to have more time to make sure all the sectors are aware of the event, and we’ve been told that some people may be thinking they don’t need to do anything until near the event in January. So, just in case, we have decided to recognise these folk and give them their own deadline. Let’s call it the Late Adopter Wave. Hehe. So now we have two application waves, with benefits:

* 23rd December Early Adopter Applications
All applications received by Thursday 23rd of December will be assessed in their own group. They will be NOTIFIED BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE early January, AND some will be given a special CLIENT PASS. These are special VIP passes (where no application process is necessary) for people to give to a client they’re trying to convince to get into transmedia, or even to a colleague they think should be there.

* 12th January Late Adopter Applications
A LIMITED amount of tickets will be held especially for people who may be away at the moment, have missed the initial publicity, or just need time to get their head around the concept or timing of the event. These lucky last minute folks will be notified the week before the event.

Wohoo! We look forward to seeing you online and at the event!

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